SOLVCON is a collection of conservation-law solvers that use the space-time Conservation Element and Solution Element (CESE) method [Chang95]. The equations to be solved are formulated as:

\[\frac{\partial\mathbf{u}}{\partial t} + \sum_{k=1}^3 \mathrm{A}^{(k)}(\mathbf{u}) \frac{\partial\mathbf{u}}{\partial x_k} = 0\]

where \(\mathbf{u}\) is the unknown vector and \(\mathrm{A}^{(1)}\), \(\mathrm{A}^{(2)}\), and \(\mathrm{A}^{(3)}\) are the Jacobian matrices.


Clone from

$ git clone

SOLVCON needs the following packages: A C/C++ compiler supporting C++11, cmake 3.7+, pybind11 Git master, Python 3.6+, Cython 0.16+, Numpy 1.5+, LAPACK, NetCDF 4+, SCOTCH 6.0+, Nose 1.0+, Paramiko 1.14+, boto 2.29.1+, and gmsh 3+. Support for VTK is to be enabled for conda environment.

To install the dependency, run the scripts contrib/ and contrib/ (they use Anaconda).

The development version of SOLVCON only supports local build:

$ make; python build_ext --inplace

To build SOLVCON from source code and install it to your system:

$ make; make install

Test the build:

$ nosetests --with-doctest
$ nosetests ftests/gasplus/*

Building document requires Sphinx 1.3.1+, pstake 0.3.4+, and graphviz 2.28+. Use the following command:

$ make -C doc html

The document will be available at doc/build/html/.