Version 0.1.4+

Release date:


  • Port the gas-dynamics solver to use C++11 and interface with pybind11
  • #105: Split examples/run_linear_cvg.sh into two files
  • #116: Update document to use top-level namespace solvcon
  • #192: Drop support for Python versions prior 3.6

Bug fixes:

  • #145: system-wide installation did not deploy external build extensions correctly

Version 0.1.4

Release date: 2015/2/9 (GMT+0800)

This is released simply because PyPI doesn’t allow re-uploading a file of the same name, and I didn’t know it and deleted the file for version 0.1.3. See https://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2015-January/025683.html.

Version 0.1.3

Release date: 2015/2/9 (GMT+0800)


  • #75 Change the default dependency directory ($SCROOT) from $HOME/opt/scruntime to $root/opt.
  • #77 SCons script should respect LIBPATH environment variable.
  • #95: Support anaconda/miniconda/conda for managing dependencies
  • #98: Migrate the old gas-dynamics solvers into the new MeshSolver system
  • #103, #106, #110: Improve documents


  • #73 scotch build script doesn’t work in OS X.
  • #74 SCons doesn’t build Python extension modules.
  • #78 solvcon.rpc.Dealer.bridge doesn’t work for localhost in OS X
  • #79 Legacy case setting steps_dump results into error
  • #82: SCons stops when there’s file removed/moved
  • #87: Fix run_vewave_cvg.sh solution test
  • #89: examples/vewave/cvg/go failed due to missing mesh
  • #90: parcel/* solvers miss ghostgeom
  • #92: Clean up solvcon.parcel.bulk.solver.BulkSolver initial condition code
  • #93: http://ci.solvcon.net/job/examples.vewave_cvg/ fails around revision 51e85bf107a3a85b9930b4cabc5f3aa13b9c59bf
  • #99: Move solvcon.solver.ALMOST_ZERO into solvcon.solver.MeshSolver.ALMOST_ZERO
  • #100: The exception wrapper in solvcon.cmdutil.go is not useful
  • #101: MeshSolver should use MeshAnchorList instead of AnchorLIst (legacy)
  • #109: Add dependency package gmp (required by Gmsh) packaging
  • #114: Add missing package to dependency installation scripts packaging

Version 0.1.2

Release date: 2013/8/8 (GMT+0800)

This release starts to document by using Sphinx and renew the architecture of problem solvers.


  • Remove the SCons METIS builder and the corresponding options of --download, --extract, and --apply-patches. Now the SCOTCH library is used for graph partitioning with its METIS interface.
  • Move the counter of lines of code in SOLVCON from SCons into a standalone script contrib/countloc, and thus remove the SCons option --count.
  • Remove the SCons option --cmpvsn. For changing the command of C compiler, you can now set the environment variable CC to whatever the command you want.
  • Renovate the documentation by using Sphinx. (#61)
  • Add a directory contrib/verify_scripts to collect scripts for running verification examples.
  • Design a new hierarchy for solvers by using Cython. (#59, #60, #62, #63, #65)
    • A new series of “sach” (MeshSolver, MeshAnchor, MeshCase, and MeshHook) is built.
    • The new sach is built upon pure Python Block and Cython Mesh.

Version 0.1.1

Release date: 2012/1/21 (GMT+0800)

This release adds a loader of Gmsh mesh format and fixes several bugs.

New features:

  • Add a loader for Gmsh ASCII mesh format. The loader locates in solvcon.io.gmsh and is implemented as pure Python code. scg mesh command line tool can recognize the format. Issue #52.
  • Revamp the dependency building system to support older OSes and proxies that need authentication. Issue #53.
  • Extract the SCons commands for building the Epydoc and Sphinx document from SConstruct into standalone SCons tools. Two new tools are added in the directory site_scons/site_tools/: sphinx.py and scons_epydoc.py. Note that the SCons tool for Epydoc cannot be named as epydoc.py or the name collides with the real epydoc package.
  • Add Gmsh and Sphinx into ground/.


  • Issue #49: “No Vtk for final time step”. Output timing of CollectHook and MarchSave.
  • Issue #54: “Shared objects are not found under Mac OS X”.
  • Issue #38: “soln/dsoln shouldn’t be hard-coded”.

Version 0.1

Release date: 2011/8/11 (GMT-0500)

This release marks a milestone of SOLVCON. Future development of SOLVCON will focus on production use. The planned directions include (i) the high-order CESE method, (ii) improving the scalability by consolidating the distributed-memory parallel code, (iii) expanding the capabilities of the existing solver kernels, and (iv) incorporating more physical processes.

New features:

  • Glue BCs are added. A pair of collocated BCs can now be glued together to work as an internal interface. The glued BCs helps to dynamically turn on or off the BC pair.
  • solvcon.kerpak.cuse series solver kernels are changed to use OpenMP for multi-threaded computing. They were using a thread pool built-in SOLVCON for multi-threading. OpenMP makes multi-threaded functions more flexible in argument specification.
  • Add the soil/ directory for providing building helpers for GCC 4.6.1. Note, the name gcc/ is deliberately avoided for the directory, because of a bug in gcc itself (bug id 48306 http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=48306 ).
  • Add -j command line option for building dependencies in the ground/ directory and the soil/ directory. Note that ATLAS doesn’t work with make -j N.


  • METIS changes its download URL. Modify SConstruct accordingly.

Version 0.0.7

Release date: 2011/6/8 (GMT-0500)

In this release, SOLVCON starts to support using incenters or centroids for constructing basic Conservation Elements (BCEs) of the CESE method. Incenters are only enabled for simplex cells. Three more examples for supersonic flows are also added, in addition to the new capability.

New features:

  • A set of building scripts for dependencies of SOLVCON is written in ground/ directory. A Python script ground/get download all depended source tarballs according to ground/get.ini. A make file ground/Makefile directs the building with targets binary, python, vtk. The targets must be built in order. An environment variable $SCPREFIX can be set when making to specify the destination of installation. The make file will create a shell script $SCROOT/bin/scvars.sh exporting necessary environment variables for using the customized runtime. $SCROOT is the installing destination (i.e., $SCPREFIX), and is set in the shell script as well.
  • The center of a cell can now be calculated as an incenter. Use of incenter or centroid is controlled by a keyword parameter use_incenter of solvcon.block.Block constructor. This enables incenter-based CESE implementation that will benefit calculating Navier-Stokes equations in the future.
  • More examples for compressible inviscid flows are provided.


  • A bug in coordiate transformation for wall boundary conditions of gas dynamics module (solvcon.kerpak.gasdyn).

Version 0.0.6

Release date: 2011/5/18 (GMT-0500)

This release also contains enhancements planned for 0.0.5, which would not be released. SOLVCON now partially supports GPU clusters. Solvers for linear equations and the velocity-stress equations are updated. The CESE base solver is enhanced.

New features:

  • Support GPU clusters. SOLVCON can spread decomposed sub-domains to multiple GPU devices distributed over network. Currently only one GPU device per compute node is supported.
  • A generic solver for linear equations: solvcon.kerpak.lincuse. The new version of generic linear solver support both CPU and CPU.
  • A velocity-stress equaltions solver is ported to be based on solvcon.kerpak.lincuse. The new solver is packaged in solvcon.kerpak.vslin.
  • Add W-3 weighting scheme to solvcon.kerpak.cuse. W-3 scheme is more stable than W-1 and W-2.


  • Consolidate reading quadrilateral mesh from CUBIT/Genesis/ExodusII; CUBIT uses ‘SHELL4’ for 2D quad.
  • Update SCons scripts for the upgrade of METIS to 4.0.3.

Version 0.0.4

Release date: 2011/3/2 (GMT-0500)

This release enhances pre-procesing and start-up for large-scale simulations. Unstructured meshes using up to 66 million elements have been tested. Two new options to solvcon.case.BlockCase are added: (i) io.domain.with_arrs and (ii) io.domain.with_whole. They can be used to turn off arrays in the Collective object. By omitting those arrays on head node, memory usage is significantly reduced. Available memory on head node will not constrain the size of simulations.


  • Issue #12: Order of variables for in situ visualization can be specified to make the order of data arrays of VTK poly data consistent among head and slave nodes.

Version 0.0.3

Release date: 2011/2/20 (GMT-0500)

The biggest improvement of this release is the addition of CUDA-enabled, CESE base solver kernel solvcon.kerpak.cuse. cuse module is designed to use either pthread on CPU or CUDA on GPU. The release also contains many important features for future development, including interface with CUBIT, incorporation of SCOTCH-5.1 for partitioning large graph.

New features:

  • Add ctypes-based netCDF reading support in solvcon.io.netcdf.
  • Add Cubit/Genesis/ExodosII reader in solvcon.io.genesis.
  • Add Cubit invocation helper for on-the-fly mesh generation.
  • Add special CESE solver for linear equations in solvcon.kerpak.lincese.
  • Add 2/3D anisotropic, linear elastic solver based on linear CESE solver in solvcon.kerpak.elaslin.
  • Add an example for custom solver in examples/misc/elas3d.
  • Add a ctypes-based CUDA wrapper in solvcon.scuda.
  • Add CUDA-enabled 2nd-order CESE solver.
  • Add non-slip wall to solvcon.kerpak.gasdyn.


  • Refactor coupling of periodic boundary condition.
  • Remove *ptr in solvcon.dependency.
  • Correct sol() to soln() and dsol() to dsoln() in BC.
  • Move sol()/soln() and dsol()/dsoln() from solvcon.boundcond to kerpak.
  • Remove FORTRAN-related code.
  • Create include/ directory and put header files in it.
  • By default, use SCOTCH-5.1 instead of METIS-4. METIS-4 fails on allocating memory for meshes with more than 35 million cells. If SCOTCH cannot be found in system, fall back to METIS-4.
  • Refactor solvcon.domain.Collective.split().

Version 0.0.2

  • Bring in anisotropic elastic solver.
  • Implement proof-of-concept in situ visualization.
  • Refactor str_path property in solvcon.batch.Batch.

Version 0.0.1

  • The first alpha release: a technology preview.